Meet Florence!

World famous interior designer, author and antique furniture historian, Florence de Dampierre, introduces her most trusted family cleaning solutions through her Savon Francais line.  She is deeply passionate about keeping the home clean as well as the laundry fresh and learned how to achieve this by using mixtures and methods taught to her by her mother and grandmother while growing up in France. 

Using pure, natural ingredients and natural fragrance the line is inspired by her life in the French countryside, Florence's Savon Francais products will transport you to the "Olde World" and will enable you to clean deeply, polish brightly and breathe freely!

Be proud of your home with proven, beautifully designed cleaning products inspired by French living!

Launder the French Way!

Laundry and Fabric Care Products

Clean the French Way!

For The Home

Brand New Fall Favorites

Denim & Dark Laundry Concentrate

Protecting and preserving the color and softness of your favorite denim is best achieved using Florence de Dampierre's all-natural Savon de Marseille Denim Wash. This gentle solution, hand made in France in the ancient method, lifts out the toughest of stains yet leaves fabric clean, soft and supple. Just a small amount is needed for deep cleaning.

Denim & Lessive Noir

Wool & Cashmere Spray

This aromatic cedar-based spray has natural anti-bacterial properties and should be used to freshen sweaters, suits, coats, blankets, hats, scarves, and other woolen items as needed between cleaning. The warm, woodsy scent helps to de-odorize pieces and is perfect to refresh closest, drawers, suitcases and other areas that become musty. 

Laine & Cachemire Spray

Wool & Cashmere Detergent

Florence de Dampierre uses her family's natural old-world French formula for gently, thoroughly, cleaning and preserving all types of wool, cashmere and wool blends. Florence's Wool & Cashmere Wash allows the piece to be completely cleaned and then preserved with the infusion of pure cedar essence.

Laine & Cachemire Lessive


Love the Dry Stain Remover, cannot recommend it more. Want to give it to all my friends. Great in leather , suede and ties ! A true miracle product. It is fantastic!

Serenity, NY

Wonderful! Best present ever! For your friends or for yourself ....Love, love All the 5 scents I simply cannot chose a favorite!

Jackie, CT

I love this new line of natural cleaning products: its about time that we have the opportunity to buy eco friendly soaps and cleaning products that are also affordable and beautifully packaged!I have enjoyed all the products I bought. This one is super economical and I feel good using this pure product for my family. Florence please make more products for the home!!!

Bless, CT